Timurs Bjornsons

Hi, my name is Tim and I’m an FTD chef. I’ve been in the restaurant business since 2011 and have come a long way from assistant to chef. In 2016 I became head chef for the first time at one of the new gastrobars. The idea of opening my own restaurant with my own rules was a logical step after several restaurants in the chef’s position. That’s how the FTD – Fuck, That’s Delicious! came alive.

Timurs Bjornsons Chef FTD

The FTD concept

I love simple, honest cuisine and it’s important to me that my customers understand that. That’s where the bold name comes from. FTD is the ideology of simple, honest and proper food. We don’t pretend to be Italian, but we make pizza on Neapolitan dough using real Italian flour and high-quality ingredients.

Photo of FTD Pizza Box

Modern Neapolitan pizza

I love experimenting with products while keeping it real. Why choose between classic recipes and going for simplified local variants with pickles and kebabs? Pizza for me is all about freedom in toppings and standard awesome dough. Because of the long fermentation, it’s easy to digest and comes out light and airy with a gorgeous flavour.
Photo of Neapolitan pizza with potato on black table