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Ingredients: Mushrooms, much mushrooms, truffle cream, garlic confit, Gran Moravia, mozzarella.

A delicious treat filled with mushrooms

Much Mushroom pizza is a delicious pizza that is full of mushrooms, making it a must-try for fans of this treat.

The origins of the name Much Mushroom can be traced back to memes about the Shiba Inu dog that were popular a decade ago. Later, that dog became the symbol of Elon Musk's cryptocurrency DogeCoin. The name is a play on words, where "Much" is a slang term. Much Mushroom is a reverence for the abundance of mushrooms used in pizza.

Several types of mushrooms are used to make the pizza: champignons and an Italian mix of oyster mushrooms, boletus and nemeco. The mushrooms are roasted with rosemary and garlic to give a rich and savory flavor. The mushroom mixture is then combined with truffle pate. This gives the pizza a consistent truffle-mushroom flavor that mushroom lovers will love.To complement the mushroom flavor, confit garlic is added to the pizza and cooked in a suvide. The base of the pizza is a creamy béchamel sauce that perfectly complements the mushrooms.

Much Mushroom pizza was inspired by a love of mushrooms and a desire to create a pizza with a lasting truffle flavor. Celebrity chef Matty Matheson, whose pizzeria has a pizza called So Mushroom, which uses raw garlic and onions, was also influential. However, the FTD Pizza team wanted to create a pizza with a different combination and an emphasis on the abundance of mushrooms. The result is a creamy mushroom and truffle story, embodied in the form of pizza.

What sets the Much Mushroom pizza apart from other mushroom pizzas is the attention to detail that goes into its creation. The quality of the mushrooms used is top notch, and the truffle pate and garlic confit make the pizza special. The combination of flavors and textures is so exquisite that it makes this pizza a masterpiece.

When they came up with this pizza, the idea was that the first bite of this pizza makes you feel like, "Wow! There's only mushrooms in here!" And there are a lot of mushrooms! If a customer comes to FTD Pizza and asks for a pizza that tastes like mushrooms, this is the Much Mushroom pizza!

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